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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Meditation in Life.

What is Meditation?
In  order to  maintain robust health one should take to physical  exercise. Similarly, in  order to maintain mental health one should indulge in pure, good. ennobling and sublime thoughts.
Mind is the be all and end all of the human life. It is the greatest power on the earth  and the control of it brings all powers.
Man has wonderful potential sites to achieve  any thing great. Unfortunately he is dissipating his energy on a hundred different things. If he intelligently regulates and applies them through the process of concentration it is possible to open the layers of the gross mind and thus penetrate  deeply into  higher regions of the mind and thereby knowledge is obtained. When all the energies of the mind is concentrated into one focus wonderful results are achieved in understanding the secrets of nature.
Unfortunately, our mind is not at rest even for a single moment of our every day life.  It is constantly hovering around something or the other  mostly connected to our personal life and problems.  As long as the mind  is plunged into the thoughts connected to the ‘self’ it cannot have  real peace and tranquillity. The moment the mind is made  to shift its concentration from the ‘self’ it derive supreme joy and happiness. This situation is rightly called Meditation.

Several techniques of Meditation have been evolved  mostly by religious teachers, saints and seers all over the world. Meditation may be defined as a bundle of techniques  evolved to set aside the thoughts involved in ‘self’  and the mind is made to ponder over higher phenomena in life and universe and thereby the practitioner is enabled to attain peace and tranquillity.

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